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THE STORY      James Larson AIA

Architecture is America's artform . Some buildings simply deserve to be renovated, reused, adapted, or remodeled, either to continue their original designed usage or for a completely new function. Good buildings suitable for new uses have fortunately been purchased, developed, and renovated over the  past 50 years during an important trend saving and adapting thousands of important structures.


As an Architect, the need to re-purpose buildings is paramount to being a good steward of the built environment. It is not only challenging but exicting seeing an end result that saves an important structure, while merging a new use within, that is stunning and unique .


The  projects depicted on these pages have been adapted/renovated/designed/reused by James Larson Archirect AIA /Developer  beginning in 1997 to the present . Acting as Architect and developer instills a deep appreciation for design and construction as well as budget, financing, zoning, and risk.


The brief descriptions contained in these summaries also depict those projects with current available space and contact information to arrange a showing .






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